About Us

I started this blog recently as a way to work at getting my house cleaned out and a way to discipline myself to write on a more consistent basis. I am a writer at heart and love to share my stories and experiences with good readers of my blog.

Home Friday is basically a blog about the home cleaning where I’d write post regularly about home cleaning and de-cluttering. I am full of energy and have lots of ideas to share via the blog. My mission is helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.

I believe a calm, healthy, beautiful home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world. Creating this home doesn’t require large amounts of money or space. It requires inspiration, connection to resources and motivation to do something about it.

I plan to continue to write articles and create cleaning to-do lists for you that are available for free. That is my gift to my readers. I love the feedback I get and like the small community that has grown around this blog!

Feel free to contact us if have any question or want to be contributor to Home-Friday.com